Tuscan Magic Christmas

Chiantiís atmosphere, as we know, is always magical. Gentle hills, mild climate, love for nature, small villages full of history and culture, simple and cheerful people who love life and their land. The colors, aromas and flavors of Chianti... Read more Read more


November in Chianti: Pure magic!

Despite what it may seem, autumn makes Chianti even more beautiful, unique, unforgettable. Where in many other places and cities autumn brings the first chills, the rains, the melancholy of the return to the "usual life", our beloved Chianti... Read more Read more


Autumn is the perfect season for a stay in Chianti

Vineyards, olive trees and ancient parishes. Chianti is one of the most evocative places in Italy. Between Florence and Siena, among the picturesque villages and olive groves, there are an infinite number of rows of Sangiovese, the vine that... Read more Read more


Autumn is coming

Yes, here we are, here comes September, the month of the harvest, the door that unites summer and autumn, the season in which our beloved Chianti stops to reap its fruits, the gifts of the earth that, together with the work of men, for centuries... Read more Read more


Chianti and stars: unforgettable Tuscan nights

A holiday in our beloved Chianti means an inebriating mix of what makes our life more beautiful and interesting: rest, quiet, immersion in nature, slow rhythms, culture, art, beauty, magnificent food and wine, traditions, possibilities for doing... Read more Read more


The Palio di Siena : an experience not to be missed

Spending a holiday in Chianti, you know, is a wonderful experience that relaxes, entertains, enriches you from many points of view. Enjoy the beautiful hills, relax, enjoy great food and beautiful wine in the many small restaurants, the chance... Read more Read more


Chianti and culture, another perfect match!

If you want to visit the Chianti area, it's definitely for the beautiful landscape, the rolling hills, its perfumes, its flavors, its hospitality as well as for its fantastic food and very famous wine but you will surely also appreciate its... Read more Read more


May and Chianti: a triumph of nature!

May is the month of the explosion of colors and life, and our beloved Chianti is no exception! The green of the grass in the fields, the first fruits like the cherry tree that is born, the sun starting to be warm on the skin and the smell of... Read more Read more


Spring and Easter in Chianti

Spring has finally arrived in our wonderful world of Chianti. This year, the beginning of spring is very close to the celebrations of the holy week and Easter. Our hills are reborn to new life giving us new colors and scents, a joy for the... Read more Read more


Tuscan history: his majesty the "Gallo Nero" (the Black Rooster)

 It is impossible not to love the Chianti area, its gentle hills, its landscapes, its light at any time of day, the beauty that it contains and which shows in every season, the mild climate, the enchanted atmosphere of an area close to... Read more Read more