A typical day in Chianti

The month of January in Chianti is no less magical than other months. The light of winter, so suffused and mysterious, envelops our wonderful hills giving a poetic and mysterious touch to our beloved land. A typical day in winter is no less... Read more Read more


Chianti and its december magic

Also this year on our sweet hills we are about to lay the magic of Christmas with all its lights, its promises, its perfumes, the colors and the hope that is the most important thing that this wonderful holiday brings with it. If you find yourself... Read more Read more


Autumn in Chianti: simply not to be missed

The fall of Chianti is, contrary to what one might think, a very lively season and full of tastes, colors and reasons to visit it. A very long and very hot summer is ending, and just in these days comes the first real hint of winter even in... Read more Read more


The harvest: tradition and values in modern Chianti

Finally comes the central moment of our relationship with this wonderful land that hosts us: the harvest. The harvest is the culmination of a year of work, of sacrifices, of sacrifices, of investments. An effort, however, that we willingly make... Read more Read more


September moods in Chianti

if you were to come to the Chianti area this September, perhaps for the first time, you will not be disappointed by our land. Summer is still here even if some small refreshing wind begins to cheer the days, you can still pass a few hours... Read more Read more


Midsummer and its heritage in Tuscan Folkore

The mid-August is a feast of ancient origins, it was a period of rest called "consualia" which celebrated the end of agricultural work and dedicated to Conso who in Roman religion was the god of the earth and fertility. It owes its present name... Read more Read more


A meeting with Leonardo da Vinci

If one day, during your well-deserved holidays in the wonderful Chianti, you would like to take a slightly different excursion from the usual routes, do not miss VINCI, a beautiful town 57 km (35 miles) from Corte Di Valle that will offer you... Read more Read more


June in Chianti: something for everyone

How amazin is Chianti! In this month of June 2019 if you will be our welcome guests here in Corte Di Valle, you will have the chance to enjoy our wonderful hills through different initiatives that will satisfy every kind of taste and passion.... Read more Read more


The merry merry month of may

Among the many suggestions that our beloved land can give us, in addition to the famous attractions such as wine, food, art and nature we should not forget ... love! Obviously the rolling hills, the mild climate, the entrancing landscapes, the... Read more Read more


Spring comes to Chianti!

Spring finally arrives, and even if our beloved Chianti is wonderful in every season, spring is certainly the most suitable one to visit our beloved land. In spring our beautiful hills explode with colors and scents, invite you to relax but... Read more Read more


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