Chianti and food, the perfect couple

Italian food, everybody knows, is legendary and loved all over the world. Every Italian region has its enogastronomic culture, its wines, its cheeses, its vegetables and especially its recipes.

Within this context, the Chianti area is an absolute must. Red wine is obviously extraordinary and well known in all its various shades , the amazing Chianti Gallo Nero ( the black rooster ), the traditional Chianti d.o.c.g, the famous Super Tuscan.

To make it short: in Chianti you can drink a marvellous wine

Not just wine
However, our food is no less. Our hills offer incredible products loved and requested all over the world that can satisfy the tastes and needs of very different types of gourmets.

Our gentle hills make up the ideal home of our great wine, but also our great oil, strong and full of personality personality matches perfectly with both vegetables and meat. Meat lovers find in Tuscany and especially in Chianti a real paradise. Here the beef and pork meat, as well as chicken and game are cooked in very different ways, all extremely tasty but also with simple recepes. The famous steak, simply cooked to the barbecue, but also other marvelous parts of the beef, cooked with both grilled and vegetable-based sauces of great flavor and simplicity. Pork is loved in all its forms,aour stunning sausages can be enjoyed raw or cooked, cold cuts but also unexpected and fantastic recipes such as wild boar, woodcock, pheasant and many many others kinds of game.

Not just meat
Vegetarians and vegans can come to Chianti with a smile on their face because eating well for them will be a sure thing: the base of Tuscan cuisine is full of vegetables so legumes of all kinds, many types of salads and tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, basil,  great onions and garlic, many kinds of cabbage , zucchini, all fresh and seasonal vegetable that you can think of, but also tasty, fresh eggs and cheeses of all kinds. The infinit variety of pasta types and sauces meets every taste and every need.

Not forgetting our typical saltless bread and our seasonal fruit with which our women still prepare simple and tasty desserts with ancient and traditional recipes

Spices and tradition
 The spices eventually enrich our recipes with unique flavors like our saffron, fantastic and exclusive spice with which you can create amazing products such as pasta and cookies or sauces and all the others that we produce here in Corte di Valle, delicious and in full respect of our traditions. Come and taste them, you will not regret.

We are waiting for you!

Jul,25 - 2017

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