Autumn in Chianti: a voyage into wonder

Autumn in Chianti is simply unmissable. The first cool winds come to mitigate the heat of summer and the whole area offers an incredible spectacle of colors, aromas, flavors and traditions.

Spending time in Chianti in this period can be one of the greatest choices you can make for a holiday.

The Earth cycle
natural rhythms and cycles of the earth mark our lives since the dawn of times, from the earth we receive all our sustenance but also the beauty that fills the eyes of the inhabitants and the ones who come to visit it for the first time. The first cool breezes show up so a walk in our woods becomes the occasion for a constant discovery of the new colors and new shapes in which our beloved hills decide to dress up. The tones of yellow, ocher and red come in, the color of mature grapes and the smells of the woods and all their plants and fruits, of mushrooms and so many others will fill your eyes and hearts of timeless and natural bliss.

The fruits of the earth
The new new wine ( vin novo or vino novello ) comes shortly after the grape harvest ( vendemmia ), a rite that is repeated since centuries always true to itself but yet always different, people harvest together, they eat and drink together during the working days and feast to celebrate the end of harvest. Every year the wine will turn out slightly different depending on climate and many other little details, repeating the miracle that creates this nectar of the gods that is loved all over the world.

Not just wine

these astonishing hills do not just give wine, for example woods will give us the chestnuts and the many ways we can taste them, like simply cooked on a fireplace with a pierced pan or make the wonderful flour with which create various recipes, or jams ... How can we forget the olive oil, the other great star of Chianti and its beauty. Shortly after the vendemmia and the starting of the process to make wine itís time to harvest the olive trees, and here again the miracle is repeated.The olive oil, this magnificent product well known and apreciated throuout the world will soon be here. Then come also the wonderful mushrooms and their dozens of peculiar species and flavors to enrich so many of our dishes.

Here at Corte di Valle, in the heart of Chianti, we proudly follow our traditions and create these wonderful products for you to enjoy and to make your holidays unforgettable. We are waiting for you.

Sep,26 - 2017

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