Tuscan history: his majesty the "Gallo Nero" (the Black Rooster)

 It is impossible not to love the Chianti area, its gentle hills, its landscapes, its light at any time of day, the beauty that it contains and which shows in every season, the mild climate, the enchanted atmosphere of an area close to the beautiful cities of Florence and Siena but at the same time pristine and full of peace and quiet, and basically, let's face it, its wonderful cuisine and its wine unique in the world.

The Black Rooster: origin and myth

The symbol of this wonderful wine has its own legend that has its roots in the Middle Ages and in the eternal rivalry between Florence and Siena. An old legend tells that at that time, this beautiful corner of Tuscany was part of the great struggle between Florentines and Sienese who, instead of defying themselves militarily, decided this time to establish the border between them through a unique competition between two knights and ... their roosters! the two knights would have had to walk from their own city to the first crowing of the rooster, the point where they would meet would then set the boundary between the two domains and put an end to the dispute. The Sienese chose as their symbol a white rooster, they nourished it very well convinced that it would have sung louder, the Florentines chose instead a black rooster and decided not to feed it so, driven by hunger, he would sing before allowing the to the Florentine rider to leave first and then to win more lands ... and so it happened! The legend is suggestive and fun but probably the story is simpler. the Black Rooster was born as a symbol of the League of Chianti, a sort of military jurisdiction created by the Republic of Marzocco in 1384 in antisienese function, including the current municipalities of Castellina in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti and Radda in Chianti. In 1716 the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo III issued a ban that decreed that the wines produced in Castellina, Gaiole and Radda could be called Chianti wines thus delimiting the Chianti wine area to include about 3/5 of the Municipality of Greve.

Since then, the territory has slightly expanded, although not much, the myth of this wonderful red wine was born, which still today represents a Tuscan but also Italian excellence as well as one of the world's most loved and sought-after wines. 

All of us at Corte Di Valle have the immense fortune to live in the heart of this magnificent area, with its flavors, aromas and legends, come and meet them all! We are waiting for you!

Feb,28 - 2018

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