The Palio di Siena : an experience not to be missed

Spending a holiday in Chianti, you know, is a wonderful experience that relaxes, entertains, enriches you from many points of view. Enjoy the beautiful hills, relax, enjoy great food and beautiful wine in the many small restaurants, the chance to play sports, keep fit, know the ancient traditions of our people, visit the many museums will make your holiday unforgettable.

But if you happen to be in Chianti between the end of June and the beginning of July there is an experience that we highly recommend: the Palio di Siena.

This event has its roots throughout the centuries, the entire city takes an active part in the realization and performance of this horse race unique in the world.

The different districts of the city (the "districts") meticulously prepare during the year this moment with enthusiasm in search of that victory that will give prestige to the inhabitants of the winning district.

The Sienese have been participating in this event in an incredible way for centuries.

The 17 contrade have been challenging for 8 centuries. The mechanism of participation is complex and fascinating, only 10 run the palio, the rituals of assignment, the parades and the communications to the city take place in a charming and timeless atmosphere. The jockeys are real stars who give their utmost to impress their name in the history of this incredible race.

The contrade are: L’oca, l’Aquila, Il Bruco, La Chiocciola, L’Onda, Il Leocorno, La Lupa, Il Nicchio, La Giraffa, L’Istrice, Il Drago, La Civetta, La Pantera, La Selva, La Tartuca, la Torre e Valdimontone.

The marvelous setting of this incredible event is the amazing Piazza del Campo, famous all over the world for its shell shape and its numerous artistic wonders that for one day becomes the arena where the hopes of every single Sienese are placed in the beauty and strength of these wonderful horses and their jockeys.

The Palio in itself lasts a few minutes but the preparation of the party, the parade of the districts, the succession of gestures and rituals that are maintained the same from centuries ago that this remains an unforgettable experience that lasts almost all day. Being in Siena during the palio means witnessing an event that is unique in the world for its intensity and popular participation, which will give you strong emotions and great fun, the chance to take incredible photos and experience Siena in its moment of maximum expression.

Know that the Palio is repeated in extraordinary form on August 16th, the day when the Madonna dell'Assunta is celebrated.

Jun,28 - 2018

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