Chianti and stars: unforgettable Tuscan nights

A holiday in our beloved Chianti means an inebriating mix of what makes our life more beautiful and interesting: rest, quiet, immersion in nature, slow rhythms, culture, art, beauty, magnificent food and wine, traditions, possibilities for doing sports and keep in good shape, beautiful sunsets and views, welcoming and simple people.
Yes, all this can be enclosed in a single holiday in Chianti, where you can alternate between fantastic days of leisure and rest, maybe reading a nice book you wanted to read for months, maybe spending the day in our pool, on more active days, in which you will be spoiled for choosing where to spend your days and evenings with the people you love the most.

Follow the stars
The choices are many, today our small proposal is that of an initiative that has been successfully carried out in Montepulciano for years and which combines the pleasure of the trip with the one for culture and art and, after all, why not? the pleasure for this wonderful union between nature and human intelligence that is wine: "Calici Di Stelle". August 10th, the night of shooting stars, if you go to Montepulciano we can participate in this wonderful event, the town opens its streets, its craft shops, wine producers open their cellars to let people know and appreciate their product , there are concerts in the streets, shows, cultural events linked to the stars and guides for specific spots where you can admire the spectacle of the marvelous shooting stars, a natural event always full of symbols and meanings for all men.

Something for everyone
The event starts in the morning with the wonderful arts and antiques market, then you can take part in a guided tour of the wonderful historical center of Montepulciano, magic shows for your children, the procession of flag-wavers, a tradition that has continued for many centuries in our cities, concerts and wine and food tastings that will start from late afternoon until late night. In short, a wonderful day, different from the usual and full of beauty and fun.
We at Corte di Valle, as always, are ready to offer you all the charm and relaxation of our beautiful villa and our products but we are always at your disposal to offer you all the information you want to make your holiday unforgettable.

Jul,31 - 2018

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