Autumn is coming

Yes, here we are, here comes September, the month of the harvest, the door that unites summer and autumn, the season in which our beloved Chianti stops to reap its fruits, the gifts of the earth that, together with the work of men, for centuries has been giving us the wonderful fruit of the vines and a thousand others, as a tribute to this beautiful region.

Here come the first cooler breezes, the summer landscape gradually leaves room for the season of red, ocher, the wonderful shades of autumn.

The first rains arrive, the very important moment of harvest arrives, where the fruit of a year's work finally becomes tangible.

Chianti is fortunately wonderful all year round, but if there is a season in which it becomes truly magical and unique, it is autumn.

It 's time to harvest for those who must, for those who come to visit it is time to take advantage of the slight drop in temperatures to make wonderful walks, cycling, wonderful runs in nature and of course for the beautiful excursions that will immerse you in the beauty of nature, art, traditions still alive, without forgetting culinary art.

We celebrate wine

Also for this year, the important event of EXPO DEL CHIANTI CLASSICO will take place, an essential event for all wine producers in Chianti (like us at Corte di Valle), for wine lovers but obviously for anyone who wants to participate because, as always, the program is rich in choice and events for adults and children.

In the beautiful Greve in Chianti, the door of Chianti, will be held from September 6th to September 9th 2018 this classic event with tastings of wines from all the major producers of the Chianti area, the opportunity to participate in meetings to deepen their knowledge of the world and of the lively history of Chianti, the opportunity to see talented artisans at work, guided tours of the main artistic attractions of the area, lots of music to be together, have fun, dance, the photo contest, eat a mouthful of great quality, stay in the middle people and spend quiet and carefree hours.

Give a look at the full program, you'll find the link at the end of the article!

If you are planning a few days in Chianti in the first ten days of September, Corte di Valle will be the perfect place to enjoy all that you ask of our beloved region: relaxation, entertainment, beautiful nature, culture, good food and great wine!

We are obviously at your disposal for all the information we can provide you, our marvellous structure with rooms furnished with antique furniture, incredible panorama and swimming pool is at your disposal. Visit our website to check prices and availability and book directly.

We are waiting for you!

Chianti Classico Expo Timetable

Aug,27 - 2018

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