November in Chianti: Pure magic!

Despite what it may seem, autumn makes Chianti even more beautiful, unique, unforgettable. Where in many other places and cities autumn brings the first chills, the rains, the melancholy of the return to the "usual life", our beloved Chianti dresses up with a magic all of its own.
Even here autumn comes with its colors and its scents but our hills dress themselves up with their own elegance and magic. 

The colors are wonderful and gentle, the scents invite you to walks that smell of woods, chestnuts and mushrooms. New wine arrives which means that our communities can finally celebrate the fruit of their work with parties, festivals, dances, food and of course good wine!

Tuscany in general is a region in which the pleasures of life are all exalted, nature, art. Culture, music, good food and good wine are mixed in a whole series of small and large events that enhance the joy of living of tourists and locals.

The strategic position between Florence and Siena will give you the best of both in terms of events, fine arts, museums, concerts, restaurants. Around the two wonderful cities big and smaller interesting  events like AUTUMNIA in Figline Valdarno (November 9th to 11th), a three days festival that will merge love for agriculture, healthy food and cooking +  environmental awarness. The chance to discover Valdarno, another amazing part of our Tuscany, discover some other traditions and products .meet friendly people and have fun.

Sundays are the occasion to stroll around Chiantiís little towns to enjoy markets, from antiques to organic farming products, from local artisanship ( something you may want to bring back home with you that is eventually handmade ) to local wines and cold cuts.

In case you decide to drive a few miles to Florence and Siena then you will be spoiled for choice: in both cases it wonít be hard to spend your day starting in a museum with world famous masterpieces, maybe indulge in a little shopping, it wonít be hard to find a small jazz or classical music concert, sit and enjoy a wonderful meal in one of the many good restaurants and easily drive back to Chianti with a less than an hour drive.

Autumn is magical in Chianti, come to Corte di Valle and surrender to its magic! 

Oct,29 - 2018

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