Tuscan Magic Christmas

Chiantiís atmosphere, as we know, is always magical. Gentle hills, mild climate, love for nature, small villages full of history and culture, simple and cheerful people who love life and their land. The colors, aromas and flavors of Chianti are renowned and loved all over the world and thousands of tourists visit it all year round.

In autumn and Christmas time, however, our beloved land is dressed in its best colors, dresses up, becomes beautiful and - why not? - also a little magical and dreamy for all of us. The atmosphere of Christmas also descends on our beautiful hills bringing lights, dreams, desires, euphoria that cheer not only children but also adults. Chianti and Tuscany celebrate the approaching of Christmas by organizing dozens of parties, events, concerts, and above all the typical Christmas markets!

Everywhere in our territory between the end of November and Christmas you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lights and the stalls of the many markets you will find in the city (like the Nordic style market that traditionally takes place in Florence) but also in the wonderful little villages like Montepulciano where Christmas markets last almost the whole month.

Among the proposals a bit 'different that intrigue us and we want to tell you there is undoubtedly lumiere san gimignano 2018, a wonderful event to be held December 8th in San Gimignano. Visiting San Gimignano is already a must in itself when you visit Tuscany, but in this case the small town wears magic, lights, projections on the monument and palaces, music, dance in an event that is expected to be truly impressive.

Imagine immersing yourself in the incredible medieval / renaissance atmosphere of this beautiful city, add the modern and engaging atmosphere of lights and choreography, the magnificence of music that runs through its narrow streets and courtyards, put on top the indisputable magic of Christmas et voila, an indelible memory of your holiday in Tuscany is served.

Come to Corte di Valle, we will help you realize your dream vacation.

Dec,03 - 2018

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