Tuscany is sweet in these weeks

Tuscany, it is well known, is a land of great talents, of great passion and of great love for life and freedom.

Our beloved Chianti is obviously not an exception. These are Carnival times, the period between Christmas and Easter, a period of great celebration, where young and old celebrate life, joy, the desire to laugh, to make fun of everything and everyone, to drink and eat, to be everything you want even through masks and costumes.
One of the main features of this period in our beloved land is the creation of typical dishes of the period, which make these festive occasions even more special.

Obviously the most popular and requested dishes are desserts, loved by children and adults, accompanied (for adults of course;)) a good glass of sweet wine like our beloved "vin santo", but what are the most famous desserts of this period?

The "Cenci", also called chiacchere or bugie depending on the area, are typical biscuits of fried sweet dough with icing sugar on top, which are perhaps the most typical sweet snack of the carnival weeks. How do we prepare it?

Add 300 grams of flour to two slightly beaten eggs, 3 tablespoons of Tuscan olive oil and 100 grams of sugar.

 Work the dough until it becomes smooth, then roll out a sheet of dough a couple of millimeters high and cut into long, narrow rectangles.
Fry the dough rectangles in hot oil until they become swollen and golden, then drain and sprinkle with icing sugar.

The "Sciacciata alla Fiorentina" is a delicacy that everyone eats during this period. It is a very simple dessert made with lard, flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder, orange juice and zest, icing sugar.

Working the ingredients and once cooked the cake and get the "schiacciata", (there are also those who put a pinch of saffron to increase the yellow color of the dough and enrich the scent) you get a much more delicious result by filling the sweet with a rich layer of custard or whipped cream. Yummyyyyy !!!!!!

The "Frittelle di San Giuseppe" are more present since the middle of March but they are absolutely typical of our areas, they are simple fritters of rice, milk, vanilla, sugar, a pinch of flour and rum or vin santo, which fried in oil and served during this period.

Come to Corte di Valle, in our cooking lessons you could also learn these simple but wonderful recipes that will leave you a little bit of Chianti and your holidays once you get home.

Feb,27 - 2019

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