Spring comes to Chianti!

Spring finally arrives, and even if our beloved Chianti is wonderful in every season, spring is certainly the most suitable one to visit our beloved land.

In spring our beautiful hills explode with colors and scents, invite you to relax but also to stay outside, to make beautiful walks or excursions, to visit the natural wonders that our territory offers, but also to let yourself be enchanted by our beautiful villages, by simple and friendly people who live there, taste the thousand flavors of our tradition, let yourself be enchanted by our desserts and our wines, learn more about our history which is also the history and folklore of our many realities.

Easter is therefore approaching which, as usual, follows the festive period of the carnival with new suggestions.

Easter, one of the two great feasts of the Catholic tradition, arrives for this 2019 at the end of April, the 21st for accuracy.

During the Easter period it is traditional to make excursions in our villages like Castellina in Chianti, Radda, Greve with their thousand churches and small narrow streets that completely immerse us in the period of the Middle Ages in which these our small cities have flourished and let themselves be involved in feasts and celebrations such as the Colombina festival, an event that will be held in our Greve as well as in all the most important Tuscan cities on Easter Sunday and which has its most famous event in the beautiful Florence on Easter morning.

If you happen to be our welcome guests here in Corte Di Valle, you will have the opportunity to attend this ancient festival that represents a propitiatory rite, linked to the Catholic tradition. Tradition here wants that the little dove arrived in the square on a wagon, hanging from a wire that crosses the square from side to side, from the outcome of the flight we understand if the season will be good or not. An occasion for a traditional celebration that is not lacking after a toast in the square and the usual wishes.

Whether you want to attend our Columbine or Florence feast (40 minutes of drive from here) you will still see a ritual that is loved by our people, which echoes the distant echo of when our farmers lived exclusively from their work as farmers , they hoped through this ancient rite, to find themselves facing a year of good harvest, and consequently of a good life after a hard and difficult winter.

Spring, like Easter, is the symbol of rebirth par excellence, life is renewed and reminds us of being lived and enjoyed at any time, like a glass of our good wine.

We are waiting for you!

Mar,27 - 2019

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