The merry merry month of may

Among the many suggestions that our beloved land can give us, in addition to the famous attractions such as wine, food, art and nature we should not forget ... love!

Obviously the rolling hills, the mild climate, the entrancing landscapes, the scents and the flavors, the colors that this land has been offering us for thousands of years, are already more than enough reason to decide to spend quality time here, but let's not forget how romantic Chianti is!

Yes, Chianti is the perfect place to fall in love, spend unforgettable days with your partner and ... why not? To get married!

In recent years, there have been more opportunities for couples who have decided to spend the most important day of their lives welcomed and pampered by our hills, by our views, by the magical atmosphere of our castles and residences.

May, you know, is the month of weddings, there is not yet the suffocating heat of Italian summers, there is no longer the annoying cold of winter that forces us to stay inside, it is the PERFECT month to crown the own dream of love.

Getting married in Chianti or more generally in Tuscany has become a pleasant habit that local people see with sympathy and with a smile, couples of young people (but also less young, of course) and their relatives and friends gather joyfully in one of the many residences I am available in our area to celebrate their dream of love together.

The numerous wedding planning agencies present in our area, in collaboration with local residences, catering and restaurants, quality agritourisms such as Corte Di Valle, offer families all over the world (from Great Britain to the East, from the States United to Central and South America) the chance to live a frankly unforgettable experience that combines romance with party spirit and love for beauty and quality typical of our traditions and our people.

In wonderful gardens, in front of breathtaking views of hills and colors, dozens (sometimes hundreds) of people let themselves go to joy in our beloved Chianti that gives them a series of unforgettable moments, unique and genuine flavors, smells of simplicity and of beauty that each of the guests will carry forever in the heart.

We, at Corte di Valle, are at your disposal for any possible information, let us guide you and our love for this land, for sure you will not be disappointed.

May,08 - 2019

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