June in Chianti: something for everyone

How amazin is Chianti! In this month of June 2019 if you will be our welcome guests here in Corte Di Valle, you will have the chance to enjoy our wonderful hills through different initiatives that will satisfy every kind of taste and passion.

At the beginning of June, exactly on June 2nd, the third edition of the Chianti Classico marathon will take place, a fantastic event, now in its third edition, which offers the unique possibility of being able to combine our wonderful area with the passion for sport, in particular for the race, giving the possibility to those who want to try their hand, to enjoy the wonderful glimpses of the Chianti Classico and to be able to choose between three different routes and different approaches to this beautiful experience: the real marathon ULTRA TRAIL (44 km), the TRAIL (21 km) and the Nordic Walk (10 km) at free pace for anyone without competitive goals but simply want to take a nice walk. The event is fun and you can find all the information you need on www.chianticlassicomarathon.com

The following week or rather the weekend of 8th and 9th June instead, let's immerse ourselves all together in the eternal beauty of flowers going to San Casciano Val di Pesa where the event "Terre di Maggio" will be held, immerse yourself in the wonderful stands of the best nurserymen who will crowd the beautiful San Casciano, there will be, as often happens in Tuscany, numerous side events related to the territory, music, a curious and interesting yoga class (why not?), shops open until 11 pm, the possibility of going around the fields country with local experts who will illustrate all the characteristics and peculiarities of the territory. A party dedicated to the beauty of nature and joy!

Finally, how not to think about food, after all we are in Chianti, the home of good wine and Steak! And just about his majesty the steak is spoken to describe the other unmissable event of mid-June (exactly 14th and 15th of June) in Mercatale Val di Pesa  "The Bistecca Championship" where t the best "maestri braciaoli" will cook for all partecipants the most prestigious and highest quality cuts of meat, all of course accompanied by our beloved Chianti, of course! Another opportunity to get together with simple and joyful people, taste typical and completely handmade flavors, live together another wonderful Tuscan dream in our beloved Chianti! Do not hesitate to book at our farmhouse, you will never regret it.

May,31 - 2019

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