The harvest: tradition and values in modern Chianti

Finally comes the central moment of our relationship with this wonderful land that hosts us: the harvest. The harvest is the culmination of a year of work, of sacrifices, of sacrifices, of investments. An effort, however, that we willingly make because taking care of our land and our traditions is what we love most.

The earth pays us back every year with its wonderful fruits, with its nectar that is so loved all over the world: Chianti.

Around the vineyards and their rituals and traditions, hundreds of generations have followed, families have gathered, important ties have become close.

The earth brings us all together and commands us, asks us a lot and repays us.

In the days and weeks of the harvest, in addition to the owners of the vineyards and farms, many young people ask to join the workers to earn some money, but also to learn about the traditions and wonders of our beloved Chianti, and why not? to have fun.

Many tourists in our area are fascinated by this modern but still very ancient grape harvest ritual and often ask to participate.

You get up early in the morning, you work in a good mood, you mess around, you struggle at lunch you are all together and you have fun eating great traditional food and (obviously) drinking a good wine !!

Modern times and technology help us with new methodologies and new machinery, but in the end it is the man who has the duty and the pleasure of lowering himself to the point of having back pain to collect grapes, the wonderful fruit of his hard work .

Another aspect that makes this time of the year magical and that should never be forgotten is that every bottle of Chianti wine that we decide to open to enjoy good food is unique in its own way: every year the climate, the conditions of the earth and an infinite series of variables contribute to making the same gestures of centuries ago and to ask the same thing again: how will wine come this year?

At the end of it all, the effort that this land asks of us is amply repaid by its beauty, by the wonderful fruits like wine but also oil, the products that with such passion for example we breed at Corte Di Valle, testify for the nth time how important and fruitful our relationship with the earth is and how much the earth can still give us if we respect it and honor it.

Oct,04 - 2019

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