A typical day in Chianti

The month of January in Chianti is no less magical than other months. The light of winter, so suffused and mysterious, envelops our wonderful hills giving a poetic and mysterious touch to our beloved land. A typical day in winter is no less rich or exciting: just take the car and go!

In the morning, after a restful sleep and a good breakfast full of our typical products such as our typical salt-free bread, our cold cuts and our fresh eggs or our typical homemade desserts, perfect for a sweet breakfast, accompanied by milk , coffee, a good orange juice and of course our homemade jams cannot be missing, take the car and go! 

Driving in Chianti is wonderfully relaxing and satisfying: in a few tens of minutes you can reach every corner of our territory, the small cities of Gaiole, Greve, Montefioralle, Radda, Castellina in Chianti welcome us with open arms with their small medieval streets full of stories and anerddotes, their little churches where countless little great masterpieces are waiting to be admired.

In these small towns it is a must to stop for a quick lunch which is already a small party: our pasta recipes, our meat and game dishes, our strictly seasonal vegetable recipes and our cheeses, famous all over the world. world. Talking about our wine is almost superfluous, known, appreciated and loved all over the world, so rich in history and taste.
After lunch it's time to go back and - why not? - reach the wonderful cities of Florence and Siena, overflowing with beauty.

The museums of these cities tell a centuries-old history of excellence: from Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo, Raffaello, Piero della Francesca, Botticelli, Vasari, the incredible masterpieces of the Della Robbiae so many others that it is difficult to make an accurate list.
But even simply walking in the streets of these two beautiful cities is a source of joy and enrichment.

At sunset you can choose to return to our beloved hills which, if the day is clear, will make you take a thousand unforgettable photos.

The evening is time for a nice dinner in one of the thousand typical restaurants of our areas: you can choose from the typical trattorias that offer our traditional dishes to the most refined restaurants and also with the famous recognition of the Michelin stars for an enogastronomic and cultural experience of very high level.

It's time to rest, if you will do us the honor of spending a few days in Corte di Valle we will do everything possible for your rest to be fantastic, with our advice you will see that tomorrow will be another unforgettable day in our - and yours - loved Chianti!

Jan,07 - 2020

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