Another Tuscan gem: saffron

Our beautiful region offers natural wonders in every season, basically in every little corner we look at. Here at Corte di Valle we have chosen to combine wine production with respect for the most ancient traditions and with the help of the latest technologies, but we also have another great passion: saffron.

An ancient gem

the history of this beautiful flower is intertwined with mythology and legend. Some sources speak of the love between Croco and the nymph Smilace who, not meeting the favor of the gods, resolved with the transformation of Crocus into a flower. Other sources speak of the god Mercury who, by mistake, struck his friend Croco and who in memory of his lost friend, colored this flower with his blood.

What is certain is that this wonderful plant comes from far far away, from the far East or from the Indian subcontinent. Used for thousands of years as a cosmetic, medicament or to dye fabrics. In Europe it was introduced by the Spaniards obviously through the “conquistadores”.
It therefore seems that an Italian monk with a passion for agriculture, part of the Inquisition Court introduced him to Abruzzo and central Italy and from there the expansion to other regions was unstoppable for this ancient and precious plant gem.

A precious ingredient

The passing of the centuries, the depopulation of the countryside in favor of the birth of industrial culture and large cities has drastically reduced the production of saffron in our country but in recent years some enthusiasts have continued and resumed the tradition of cultivating this incredible natural wonder.

Saffron has also and above all become a high-level ingredient that is never missing in the kitchens of the great chefs and their restaurants. The price of fresh saffron is very high but obviously it can be found in dry for, in supermarkets  to embellish our daily recipes enriching them with aroma, color and an unmistakable flavor.

One of the most representative dishes of northern Italian cuisine is in fact the "saffron risotto" ...

We, at Corte di Valle, love this small, fragrant, beautiful flower, this unique spice. In our shop you can meet many products that we prepare with saffron which, we hope, will give you a pleasant memory of your stay in our farmhouse and in our wonderful land.
See you there !!

Mar,12 - 2020

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