This Zafferanoancient spice was cultivated in the Florentine countryside back in medieval times when Florence was an important centre of commerce in Europe. In order to distinguish the home-grown variety from the oriental saffron it was given the name ‘Zima of Florence’.

The plant that gives us this spice is the ‘crocus sativa’ a delicate, light purple coloured flower that blooms annually in October. The bright red stigma are carefully picked from each flower and dried, its intense flavour ready.

To be used in many recipes, either sweet or savoury.

For your convenience we have saffron pasta, made by a local pasta maker, acacia honey enhanced with saffron, a tasty leek and saffron paste, excellent for preparing toasts or for seasoning pasta and saffron biscuits from an antique family recipe made exclusively from our own olive oil.

The saffron and all our other products can be bought directly from our shop or ordered on-line via email