During Cooking Classes in Tuscanyour cookery lessons we prepare home cooking from recipes handed down from our mothers and grandmothers, choosing dishes that we know you will be able to reproduce with success in your own kitchens, wherever you live.

We belong to the generation that grew up respecting the traditions of Sunday lunches and family occasions, where special dishes such as home made pasta, ”crostini neri” made from chicken liver, the ”peposo” meat stew, slowly cooked in a wood burning oven.

Or “l'arista”, roast pork full of marvellous aromas, as well as various desserts were the crowning glory of every get-together.

Everyday dishes are just as flavoursome, made from simple, local ingredients that are the beating heart of the classic Tuscan cookery – tasty, balanced and famous throughout the world. Think of the “pappa al pomodoro” based on tomatoes to be eaten either hot or cold, or “la bruschetta” – dressed tomatoes on toasted bread in the summer; in the winter the specialities are “ribollita” , Tuscan bread soup and the “crostone di cavolo nero” black cabbage on toasted bread.

Vegetable and grain soups are delicious all year round.

The lessons are held in the kitchen of the agriturismo upon request. Naturally the dishes that you prepare are then served for lunch or dinner and combined with a tasting of our wines.

Please email us if you would like further details.